Scientific and technological progress in our modern days has become one of the most important factors that govern the prosperity and sound economic development of any country, stabilising its social structure and safeguarding its economic independence and national wealth from domination and abuse.

During our professional practice as engineers in the Arab World, we became aware of the scarcity of national fast growing market that led to the creation of Tunnel Builders Contracting.

This can undertake the much needed technical requirements in the fields of: Tunnelling Solutions, Construction and Contracting, Infrastructure Developments, Heavy Vehicle Distributions and Transportation. Conversely, the Arab World is a knowledge source of highly qualified manpower such as engineers and technicians graduated from the best Arab and Foreign Universities; thus in 2017 Tunnel Builders Company was founded to provide these highly qualified specialists with the adequate opportunity to apply their
know-how in the development and service of their countries.

Based on the principles we have adopted, and on the support and appreciation
we have so far received in the Arab World, we are full of confidence that our organisation will continue to develop and grow enabling us to achieve our national professional aspirations.